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Improve foreign language skills via

cooking classes and arts & crafts classes

for children, teenagers and adults.

...Food is my Love Language. What's yours?...


Welcome to The Art of Language!

In my 15 years as a foreign language teacher, I have found that one of the most enjoyable ways to improve language skills is via fun + tactile activities in the target language.  And the neuroscience backs me up.  As we combine a tactile task with the language learning, our brains create new, neural pathways much faster!


Our classes are suited to children as well as adults.  If you cannot make it into our Huntsville, Alabama classroom, you can purchase our online classes or host a teaching session in your home kitchen.  For our online classes, we sometimes invite in professional chefs, food lovers and loving grandmas :) to share their secrets. 

Check out some excerpts from online videos, enroll you or your child in an on-site class, or contact us to schedule a home session.  


...About the Founder...


Hello! I'm a Huntsville, Alabama native with Indian heritage who has had the wonderful opportunity to live, work and EAT abroad over the last 15 years. I discovered culture and cuisine in Turkey, France and Italy, places where I was lucky enough to call my home for many years.​ 


I am currently back in Huntsville to be closer to my family.  And I want to share my passion for food, language and culture with you and your family through The Art of Language. 

Hope to see you soon and don't forget, 'Eat something delicious today'!

Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service (B.SFS 2000)

LADO International School, TEFL (2000)

The George Washington University’s School of Business (MA/MBA 2006).

Fulbright Scholar, Master's Research, Istanbul, Turkey (2005-2006)



Eglish as Foreign Language
Fluent, Non-Native
Fluent, Native&Non-native

"I hired Rena in 2018 as my professional English coach to help me refine my English for an important seminar that I was leading.  Rena is a highly-qualified, dynamic and engaging coach.  It was very important to me as the leader of the seminar to speak eloquently and convincingly, showing my intelligence and my personality through English. Rena understood this and she did a wonderful job preparing me.  She greatly improved my diction and pronunciation as well as helping me with the language for my presentation.
The seminar went so well! I gained a lot of confidence with Rena and I highly recommend her to any professional."


- Dominique Hadria, Senior Executive Coach, Social Entrepreneur


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